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The Opening Date of Oprah Invested Health Food Restaurant

For a while now, there has been a True Food Kitchen in the works at St. Johns town center. The announcement was made to be opened on November 7th. For those who were waiting for the announcement, then they can prepare for the open date. Should you want to learn more about the restaurant, then here are some of the things you should note.

The one thing you should note about the True Food Kitchen it will occupy up to 8,064 square-foot. The the restaurant will be located at the 5205 Big Island Drive at The St. John Town center. This is the location of the former Mitchell’s Fish Market seafood. The facility will have 201 seats and open kitchen. The other area that people can seat will be a covered patio. Ths is a facility that will have around 50 seats. The patio will be made using natural woods. The artwork used in the facility will be locally inspired.

The other thing you should understand about the restaurant is that it will use eco-friendly products. The color scheme will be earthly natural. What you should understand is that the floor will be made out of hardwood. The chairs will use recycled soda bottles. Thus, the facility will try to be eco-friendly as possible. What you should note is that the facility will offer simple ingredients and superfoods.

You should understand that the True Food Kitchen has 24 locations. It is located in 11 states. What you have to understand about the facility is that it was stated by the Sam Fox and Andrew Weil. The started the True Foods Kitchen in 2008. In July 2019, Oprah Winfrey made equity to invest in the company. The thing you should understand is that Winfrey joined the board. The thing you have to understand is that the facility aims to double the restaurants in the next few years.

What you should know more about the restaurant is that it aims to offer the best to the clients. The thing you have to understand is that the aim of the facility is to make those who get into it to feel at home. They will offer hospitality and delicious foods. The other thing you have to understand is that this is a facility that offers creative cocktails. What you have to put in mind is that the facility will offer 135 staff. They will undergo a paid training before the facility opens. The aim is to warrant that they offer the best.