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Gemstone Astrology 101 for Beginners

Gemstone astrology is an interesting topic that many people are talking about, especially those who are interested in gemstones. It helps to know a few facts about gemstone astrology first before you dive into the world of gemstones and get some pieces for your next set of jewelry. Essentially, gemstones are considered an important healing aspect in Indian astrology and horoscope. Since the ancient times, astrological scriptures have always been making mention of the relationship between planets, colors, and gemstones consistently. In the same concept as sound, color symbolizes a certain energy in the cosmos. The colors yellow, orange, red, violet, indigo, blue, and green symbolize the seven energy centers or chakras along the spine of your body. Each chakra is associated with a certain color that is in the exact order of the colors of light which pass through a prism. Based on gemstone astrology, the cosmic rays present in colors and wavelengths have certain effects on your body and mind. Different zodiac signs show different affinities to certain colors, which you can identify as favorable or unfavorable.

The application of concepts related to gemstone astrology is vital to proper gemstone collection. Generally speaking, if you must buy gemstones, it is always best to go for the high-quality ones that you can afford. Stones with the highest grades are the precious gems, namely, emerald, ruby, diamond, and sapphire. These gemstones have been shown to work best when used in gem therapy. They are also something that the best gemstone astrologers will be recommending for a horoscope reading. Turquoise and topaz, on the other hand, are substitute stones of lesser potency. These stones still work well in gemstone astrology and are not as expensive. But then, you get the same strength and effects as the other gemstones, you may have to wear them in a larger size.

For the best effects of these gemstones, make sure to only wear them after you have rinsed and cleansed them in purified water and exposed them for a few hours under the direct heat of the sun. For each day of the week, there is a corresponding gem for them. For example, diamond for Friday, yellow sapphire for Thursday, emerald for Wednesday, coral for Tuesday, and pearl for Monday. During the weekends, you have blue sapphire and ruby for Saturday and Sunday, respectively. According to gemstone astrology, gems should be worn on the left for women and right for men. You may use gems as a bangle on your upper arm. If you must wear gemstones as a ring, make sure to put them on the most suitable finger. You can also get these pieces on your neck. What matters most is that the gemstones you wear with you should touch your skin. The reason for this is to ensure that cosmic radiation will transfer to the body of the person wearing the said gems.

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